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What to Wear at Royal Ascot

June 12, 2023

Royal Ascot is one of the most prestigious and fashionable events on the British social calendar. With its rich history, tradition, and royal presence, the dress code for Royal Ascot is a topic of much interest and speculation. If you're planning to attend Royal Ascot 2023, it's essential to understand the dress code to ensure you're dressed to impress. In this blog, we will decode the dress code for Royal Ascot 2023, including the required formal attire, etiquette, hat and fascinator guidelines, dress length, accessories, and grooming tips.

  1. Formal Attire: Royal Ascot is a formal event, and the dress code reflects this. For women, formal daywear is required, which typically includes a dress or suit. Dresses should be of modest length, falling just above the knee or longer, with sleeves at least one inch wide. Strapless, off-the-shoulder, and spaghetti-strap dresses are not permitted. Trouser suits are allowed, but they should be of matching colour and material. For men, a black or grey morning suit with a waistcoat and a tie is the traditional attire. A top hat is also required in certain enclosures, such as the Royal Enclosure.
  2. Etiquette: In addition to the dress code, Royal Ascot has strict etiquette guidelines that attendees are expected to follow. This includes being respectful towards other racegoers, the royal family, and racecourse staff. Being polite, courteous, and observing social norms is crucial. Avoid excessive drinking or unruly behaviour, and always adhere to the rules and regulations of the event.
  3. Hat and Fascinator Guidelines: Wearing a hat or fascinator is an integral part of racing fashion at Royal Ascot. Women are required to wear a hat, fascinator, or headpiece that has a base of at least 4 inches in diameter. Headpieces that solely consist of a veil are not allowed. Men are not required to wear a hat but can choose to wear a top hat if they wish to do so.
  4. Dress Length: As mentioned earlier, dress length is an essential consideration for women attending Royal Ascot. Dresses should be of modest length, falling just above the knee or longer. Mini skirts or excessively short dresses are not permitted. It's important to ensure that your dress adheres to the dress length guidelines to maintain an elegant and sophisticated racing fashion look.
  5. Accessories: Along with your dress and hat or fascinator, the right accessories can elevate your Royal Ascot outfit. Opt for tasteful and elegant accessories, such as fine jewellery, a clutch bag, and gloves, that complement your outfit without being overly flashy or distracting.
  6. Grooming: Grooming is also an important aspect of the dress code for Royal Ascot. Ensure that your hair and makeup are well-groomed and appropriate for a formal event. Men should be cleanly shaven or have neatly groomed facial hair, and nails should be clean and trimmed. Paying attention to grooming details adds to the overall polished and sophisticated appearance.

In conclusion, understanding the dress code for Royal Ascot 2023 is crucial to ensure you've dressed appropriately for this prestigious event. Follow the guidelines for formal attire, etiquette, hat and fascinator, dress length,
accessories, and grooming to create an elegant and refined racing fashion look. By adhering to the dress code and showcasing impeccable style, you will be sure to make a lasting impression at Royal Ascot 2023. Whether you're a seasoned
attendee or a first-time visitor, following the dress code shows respect for the event's traditions and adds to the overall ambience of this esteemed occasion.

For more information on the dress code and guidelines for Royal Ascot 2023, visit the official Royal Ascot website or contact the event organizers. Remember to plan ahead and ensure you have appropriate attire well in advance to avoid any
last-minute wardrobe dilemmas. With the right outfit and adherence to the dress code, you'll be ready to enjoy a day of thrilling horse racing, socializing with fellow racegoers, and perhaps catching a glimpse of the royal family.

Don't forget to capture your stylish look and share it on social media with the official event hashtags to join in the excitement of Royal Ascot. And remember, while fashion is an important aspect of the event, the true spirit of Royal Ascot lies in the camaraderie, the excitement of the races, and the appreciation for the rich history and traditions of this iconic event.

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