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A Look at Often Confusing World of Black Tie Basics

May 16, 2014

2017 is a new year and one filled with fabulous new styles and cuts for menswear.  Discerning gentlemen want to look their sharpest and as such, Impeccable Menswear has a whole new range of fantastic evening wear for rent or purchase. Just contact us or call into our shop for details. 

New dapper evening wear aside, there are traditional rules to apply to all black and white tie apparel and we've covered some of the most frequently asked queries below - so read on!

There are few things a man can wear that make him feel as debonair and suave as a tuxedo. Donning a tux makes a man feel sharp. However, ‘Black Tie’ is often misunderstood and people often confuse it with formal dress.

Seeing ‘Black Tie’ on an event invitation shouldn’t cause problems as the strictness of the request makes it extremely easy to decide on what to wear. So, let’s take a look at some black tie basics.

Black Tie and Formal Dress are Different

Black tie evolved actually evolved from the tailless tuxedo jacket at the beginning of the 20th century. The name itself actually originates from Tuxedo Park, an influential area of New York where this style became fashionable to dress in what was then considered, semi-formal evening attire.

Beforehand, ‘white tie’ formal wear was considered the highest formal wear.

What Evening Wear in to Wear London

As we’ve mentioned, tuxedos are strictly semi-formal evening dress. So, traditionally in the strictest terms if you’re the sort of person who is serious about formal and semi-formal wear, then a tuxedo is for after events ending after 6pm.

That said, the official line is that you dress for the time an event ends. So, a ceremony that lasts early in the afternoon and ends at night is perfectly suited to tuxedos, but one that ends in the afternoon isn’t.

As the old adage goes, ‘rules are meant to be broken’, so if someone requests a black tie for a morning wedding – just show up in a tuxedo and don’t breed a word of it. The invite is your guide at all times.

Our Hatch End store has beenbeen providing black tie as well as men and boys formal wear for sale or hire in London and surrounding areas for generations.

Over that long period we have built up a distinguished name for quality, service and friendliness. In short, our product and service is second to none and our prices the most competitive in the business.

Impeccable has been providing suit sale and hire for generations. Whether its dinner jackets, tuxedo hire for black tie events or morning suits for Royal Ascot – we provide it. We’re also delighted to inform you that we also stock a wide selection of beautiful lounge suits, dinner suits, morning wear and a choice of shirts and accessories too.

So, for the last word in formal wear hire or made to measure services in London – go Impeccable!

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